IC Sidemount Valve ProLine / Air 232 bar / left

SKU: 521870TL-US


IC Sidemount Valve ProLine / Air 232 bar / left

Tank valve specifically designed for sidemount diving. Tank neck thread is 3/4“ NPSM (US-Standard). Nautec IC Sidemount valves are standard shut off devices in accordance with DIN EN 12209-2 (G 5/8″), for an operating pressure of 232 bar with vertical arranged shut-off mechanism and outlet. Only 1 first stage can be connected. Special design for regulator’s first stage with a yoke connection. Equipped with a „Full-Metal-Core-Double-Wheel-Rubber-Knob“ and safety burst disc, releasing at 300 bar.

The valve is made of lead-free brass alloy and is 100% oxygen compatible.

Attention! Do not attempt to repair NAUTEC-valves yourself. Unauthorized repair or tampering is hazardous and WILL VOID your warranty and NAUTEC liability. Maintenance and repairs by NAUTEC trained experts only!