NAUTEC Valve Manufacturer:
High quality German engineering for the toughest of dives

NAUTEC valves product lines: SportLine | ProLine | DarkLine

We use the same high-quality components for all our valves, regardless of which product line. High pressure seat and spindle, as well as all O-rings are suitable for air (Air), oxygen enriched air (Nitrox) and pure oxygen (Oxy). Externally, the three series differ only in the type of coating (standard chrome or black chrome) and the handwheels (ABS plastic or rubber knobs).

In Nautec valves, the spindle is made of special brass-alloy. A sealed pressure screw precisely guides it to the seat. Instead of a spade, an outer hexagonal socket (Allen key) engages in an inner hexagonal socket on the seat. – Tests have shown that this Nautec design is far superior to conventional valves: It can be subjected to up to 80% higher torques.

An excellent quality feature of Nautec valves is the way force is transferred from the spindle to the seat. Common among other valve manufacturers is an spindle made of brass with a spade that engages in a slotted seat. Neither the design nor the material can withstand high torques (e.g. in panic situations) or long-term usage. The spade on the upper spindle can bend or the slot in the lower spindle can deform and break down.

All NAUTEC valves are: LEAD-FREE.

All NAUTEC valves are: 100 % oxygen-compatible.

(in unused conditions)

All NAUTEC valves are: produced with gleitmo 599.

Our valves were presented to BAM* for testing. They have passed all the tests listed here.

BAM-Hydraulic pressure test 675 bar
BAM-Material test
BAM-Endurance test (2000 cycles opening and closing with 4,6 Nm and 360 bar)
BAM-Determination of mechanics resistance to excessive torque
BAM-mechanical impact test
BAM-Oxygen pressure surge test 360 bar at 60° C
BAM-Fire exposure test for valve operating mechanism

*German Federal Institute for Material Testing in Berlin

Here is a brief insight into the manufacture and production of NAUTEC valves.