SLM – Valve Air 232 bar – 3/4″ NPSM

SKU: 521970K-US


SLM – Valve Air 232 bar – 3/4″ NPSM with burst disc (DARK Line)

NAUTEC-SLM valves are a special construction for extreme dives for breathing air (G 5/8″) for diving cylinders with an operating pressure of 232 or 300 bar!

2 regulators can be connected simultaneously. Both connecting branches can be shut off separately. SLM valves are spindle valves with so-called horizontal shut-off mechanisms. Both are identical in construction. The valves are manufactured in Germany. All NAUTEC SLM valves have tank neck thread according to US-Standard ¾“ NPSM.

The valve is 100 % oxygen-compatible and LEAD-FREE.