Explorer valve set / DarkLine 232 bar

SKU: 621970K-US


After two years of development work, we are very proud to present our EXPLORER valve set. The set is available in 232 & 300 Bar versions and 3/4” NPS and M25 versions. Versions sold in North America are provided with a burst assembly, in accordance with CGA V4.1

The set includes a left and a right valve, each with a vertical dedicated shut off. The shut offs controls air flow through the elbows and a flexible stainless steel air hose of 54cms in length. One elbow features a dedicated pressure relief device.

Valves are constructed from a military grade brass alloy that

– offers a superior corrosion resistance to normal brass,

– ensures absolute gas tightness – even with helium,

– is 100% oxygen compatible,

– ensures exceptional mechanical strength – giving a burst pressure in excess of 700 bar,

– provides superior resistance to high heat

– with two Nautec micro filters

For GUE-Divers, who are looking for an alternative configuration, we offer the valves without the elbows and the hose. A female G1/4” outlet on each valve, enables the attachment of a variety of SwageLock fitting options.


M25 – 232 Bar – p/n
M25 – 300 Bar – p/n
3/4” NPS – 232 Bar – p/n
3/4” NPS – 300 Bar – p/n

Attention! Do not attempt to repair NAUTEC-valves yourself. Unauthorized repair or tampering is hazardous and WILL VOID your warranty and NAUTEC liability. Maintenance and repairs by NAUTEC trained experts only!